Estate Planning Services for Peace of Mind

Planning is Key

We work to accomplish your objectives as simply and economically as possible.  We view our job as keeping you and your family out of court - avoid probate, avoid guardianship, avoid health care questions and preserve your assets.

In Patriot Games, Tom Clancy explained the #1 ace pilot in the Vietnam war: "Robby was so good because his body never went anywhere his mind had not already been."  Like Robby, we've seen what can happen to families.  And we have customized our documents to address the specific problems that can arise:

* Designations of Health Care Surrogates avoid health care problems and guardianship.

* Asset preservation and carefully arranging your finances avoid probate and make you eligible for government benefits.

* Prior planning avoids business transition crises

* Addressing real estate ownership options and long-term goals protect your estate and appreciated assets

*Planning gifts, bequests and support arrangements establish your legacy for minors and heirs

There is no such thing as an estate that is too small to plan.  In fact, careful planning is more important.  We don't want to waste a penny.

Take control of your own medical and health care by establishing clear directives.  Take control of your own legal fuiure to preserve as much of your wealth as possible.